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My name's Dixie. I draw stuff and write some stuff and occasionally I'll post it. Mostly I post/reblog things related to MLP:FiM or other various animated shows with some live-action (Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, SLEEPY HOLLOW and ELEMENTARY) mixed in. Recently getting into anime again, like FMA:BH and Utena.

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An AU where I’m physically fit


Caliborn’s too much of a weeb to even be a threat anymore the rest of the gang is most likely gonna shove him into a fucking locker and take his lunch money happy homestuck you fucking pieces of shit

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grumpy moon horse doesn’t want to play your dang vidya games

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*slams elevator button with fist* i’m booker dewitt

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"Why isn’t this a real thing?"


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Okay so

I saw this on my dash and immediately assumed oldbisonb was some a-hole who stole my work for his own notes and no. No, this person reblogged me. Thank you oldbisonb, I’m very happy that you enjoyed my work!

But, Tumblr saw fit that they should be advertised on my blog for something they didn’t make. Do you know what that little follow button is there in place of? the fucking source link.

I followed a lot of recommended blogs from my dash because of the artwork displayed, so now I don’t know if they were just reblogs, and the artists I wanted to follow are still completely unknown to me.

this is some kinda fucked up art thievery on tumblr’s behalf, and I’d love for someone to let me know if reblogs are always being recommended, or if there’s something I’m not yet aware of (recommendations of popular blogs who reblog your work for example), because this is really fucked.

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Naught Boy ft. Bastille - No One’s Here to Sleep

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took a break from work to draw lalondes c: